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Why Invest in Gold?

Protect your savings from

You lose 2% p.a. in purchasing power when you save in cash because of inflation. 

Why lose money unnecessarily?


Protect yourself against Currency Devaluation

Everyday a new currency is falling. Argentina, Lebanon, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Venezuela… even the Japanese Yen and the Euro!

How are your protecting against Currency Devaluation? 

Protect yourself against Banking Crisis

Physical Gold is the only asset which is not someone else’s liability and has no counterparty risk. 



Protect yourself against Market Crash

As little as 5 – 15% of your wealth in gold can protect the rest of your wealth. Insurance has to be renewed every year, gold lasts until sold.

Gold is a smarter way to protect your wealth 

Gold is the Ultimate Safe Haven Asset

John Exter was a central banker and economist. He developed Exter’s Pyramid as a tool to visualise asset classes by risk and size, and to show the flight to quality from most risky to least risky in the event of a crisis. The pyramid demonstrates the importance of gold: gold is the quintessential safe haven asset that is no one’s liability and has zero counterparty risk.

Gold price estimates calculated by @DTAPCAP and reproduced here without prejudice

Global Debt is at Danger Levels

Global debt levels have exploded to $226 trillion, or more than 256% of GDP. The World Bank defines 77% as the “tipping point beyond which sovereign debt turns bad”.  In 2020, global debt experienced the largest surge in 50 years and approached debt levels not seen since World War 2.  The last time debt levels were that high, there were multiple financial crises globally.

The IMF warns that “the debt surge amplifies vulnerabilities, especially as financial conditions tighten”.


A Debt Crisis can wipe out your life savings

Many countries have had debt crises which wiped out their currencies. These countries include Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Argentina, Venezuela and Zimbabwe.  According to the World Bank there have been at least 20 countries have experienced some form of debt distress in the last decade. Even without a debt crisis, there are other countries whose currencies have devalued over 70% in the last 30 years such as India and Vietnam.


Central Bank response to every crisis is to print more money... Which drives inflation and devalues your savings (Milton Friedman)

Money Supply Explosion even before Covid - Source: Wikipedia
Milton Friedman explains causes of inflation
"The reason we have inflation... is because these pieces of paper we call money... are growing more rapidly than the quantity of goods and services produced" - Milton Friedman (Noble Prize for Economics 1976)

Top Investment Advisors and Private Bankers recommend Gold

"The Rich are increasing their gold investment from 3% to 15%"
"Everyone should have 5 to 10% of their portfolio in Gold"
"Start building a strategic holding of up to 10% in gold..."
Standard Chartered
Private Bank

Central Banks are the largest buyers and hoarders of gold...

Source: World Gold Council
Source: Katusa Research

Global superpowers hold 60-80% of their FX reserves in gold. Because gold has NO counterparty risk and will be REVALUED UP in the event of a global debt crisis

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