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29 Recession Questions you should be asking during Covid-19

Yahoo Finance recently asked their audience to submit questions about Corona virus impact on the economy. If you have a question, they most likely have the answer. If you don’t have a question, they most likely have the question you should have asked.
Yahoo Finance has come out of the ashes of Yahoo the search engine. You should give them a look especially if you don’t want to pay the Bloomberg subscription fees but still want some news. We use them sometimes as an alternative to CNBC. One of the great benefits of Yahoo Finance is that it is easy to understand. You don’t need an economics degree to get it.
Some important questions you should be asking include:
  • What’s the difference between a recession and a depression
  • How long will it last
  • Can there be a happy medium between safety and economy
  • How long will it take for people who lost a job to get back to work
  • How is the USD 2.2 Trillion stimulus paid for
  • Will this stimulus cause inflation
  • How long will zero percent rates last
  • Will we see negative interest rates
Personally we do not think Yahoo Finance has pinned down all the answers. Economists and fund managers are still struggling to work out the answers. But we think you should be asking these questions, and tracking several sources for the answers, and form your own views.
And based on your views, we think you should work out a wealth protection plan and investment plan (hey why not if stocks are down 80% and you are cashed up?).
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