Covid19 Resources (Free)

My Precious Metals has carefully curated a selection of resources to tool you up on Covid19. These resources will help you keep up to date and prepare for the impact of Covid-19 on your health and wealth. And the best part is they are free.

We provide the list of the resources below. We also have provided quick links on the menu so you can access them directly without having to keep coming to this page.


Financial Times (FT) Corona virus news coverage

Financial Times is making key corona virus coverage free to read to keep everyone informed during this crisis.
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Financial Times (FT) Corona virus Dashboard

Financial Times also has a Dashboard for tracking Covid-19 globally, by country, and zooming in on US.

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Macrobond Dashboard

Macrobond is a financial and economic data provider founded in 2008. They offer a better way to work with economic and financial data, helping their users to understand the world. 

They have produced a dashboard that zooms in on Italy, France, Spain, US and France. It shows the number hospitalised, in intensive care, and recovered. The dashboard is updated in real time

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The Economist Corona virus news coverage


The Economist is making key corona virus free to read to keep everyone informed during the crisis.

You need to create an account first and then sign up for the daily newsletter titled “The Economist Today”.

It’s a bit of a bother but well worth the effort. The Economist has some of the best journalism on the planet.

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Daily Covid19 update report (Publication - GMI)


Global Macro Investor (GMI) provides economic and market analysis and trade recommendations to members. Members are typically high net worth individuals and family offices. 

GMI puts out a status update report on Covid19 every day. The report is typically about 15 pages long and charts the infection and death rates in various parts of the world. People use it to look for acceleration, deceleration in rates and to try and guess where “the peak” is. 
Here is the link to the daily report*.
  • The report is not posted on their web site, it is posted on the Founder’s linked in post page
  • You need to click on the link to his post page and download the report
  • We recommend you download it daily to keep a daily record


Daily Video News Update - Peak Prosperity

Peak Prosperity were one of the first people to bring accurate reporting of the Covid19 outbreak. If you were listening to them you would have learned long before the mainstream media reported that:
  • Covid19 incubation period was up to 24 days not 14 days
  • Covid19 was highly contagious with R-nought closer to 4
  • Covid19 was asymptomatic meaning you can be a carrier without showing any symptoms like fever
  • and more
Peak Prosperity provides an almost daily briefing on Covid19 and how it is unfolding. They also run regular interviews with experts on the Covid19 impact on business and markets.
Not to be missed
Here are their links:
Coronavirus website updates (Blog)
Coronavirus Youtube daily update (Daily Video)

Harvard Business Review Free Book

Harvard Business Review is giving away a free book to help businesses cope with the crisis. 

Get your copy here 

Harvard Business Review Free Coronavirus Digital Articles

Harvard Business Review is has a special coverage on Corona virus during this time and making it free to the public. They are a great resource to respond to the current crisis. 

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Harvard University Free Online Courses

Harvard University is offering 63 online courses for free during this lockdown period. Why not pick up a new skill?

We have curated a selection for you. Click here.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)


The Centre for Disease Control (CDC) in the US is one of the pre-eminent organisations for dealing with infectious diseases and viruses. Whereas WHO deals more with issues at international and national policy level, the CDC is more down to earth with boots on the ground guidelines for what every day people need to deal with.

Click here for links to critical CDC resources