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Silver Bullion: Discount

Silver Bullion: Discount

How to get discount from Silver Bullion?

Silver Bullion is an international bullion dealer headquartered in Singapore.  They have a subsidiary in Malaysia.  Silver Bullion is a licensed precious metals dealer, member of the Singapore Bullion Market Association and an Authorised Dealer of the Perth Mint.  As an Authorised Dealer of the Perth Mint, they have passed the stringent requirements of the Perth Mint including Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC) checks, and financial strength.  Important criteria when choosing a Bullion dealer!  Learn more about Silver Bullion here.

Silver Bullion can ship international or store in their vault in Singapore.  Storage is exceptionally well priced.  While most bullion dealers offer storage at a percentage of the value of the metal, Silver Bullion charges a flat rate price in Singapore Dollars.  As the value of the metal goes up, the storage fees as a percentage of the value of the metal go down!  Furthermore storage fees includes insurance at the highest level of protection and independent audit 4x per year.

Silver Bullion operates a loyalty program or “Discount Tier Program” whereby the more bullion you buy, the more discount you are entitled to.   You can read more about it here.

The discount depends on market conditions and can be up to 1% saving! That is quite a big discount for bullion.  You normally need to purchase large volumes of gold, silver and platinum to qualify for the discount. For example normally to qualify for Tier 3 discount you would typically need to spend RM 2.8 million (USD 700k) based on gold price of USD 1800/oz and silver price of USD 25/oz.

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