Documentary on Money

My Precious Metals has carefully curated a selection of resources to tool you up on Precious Metals. One of these  is the documentary series “Hidden Secrets of Money” produced by the Founder of, Mike Maloney.

Hidden Secrets of Money covers:

  • Purpose of Money
  • Why gold and silver were used as money
  • Why gold and silver are no longer used as money
  • The history of money
  • Difference between money and currency
  • How money has changed over time
  • What is Fiat currency and why it matters
  • The problems with the current form of money
  • The future of money and possible contenders (eg. Bitcoin)

At time of writing there are 10 episodes, each episode is typically 30 – 40 minutes long. More episodes may be added by Mike as new issues arise. 

Get ready to have your eyes opened!