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First Majestic: Discounts for shareholders!

Recently we reported that silver miner First Majestic opened an estore to sell bullion direct to public. This worked out great for the miner and investors alike – cut out the middle men, increase their margin and reduce our buying price. A deal made in heaven.

Well the deal just got better. Shareholders will now get $0.50 / oz off the online sales price! At current price of $20 / ozt, that works out at 2.5% discount for share holders!

  • Some conditions on the deal (not hard to meet):
  • You must own a minimum of 500 shares… Which is about USD 3,500 at recent prices.
  • The benefit is not transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • The benefit is available on all online sales with a special promo code. Applications must be made to receive the benefit prior to placing your online order and must show a date of ownership no later than 4 weeks to the date of application.

Why not become a shareholder and treat yourself to this deal? You can get double benefit out of the coming silver rally!

Click here to download the PDF announcement from First Majestic

Click here for the estore

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