Need some Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Covid-19? Can’t find any masks at the shop? Amazon out of stock? 3M no supply?
No problem… make your own masks. 

Make your own mask

US Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams shows how to make your own mask from household items.  Follow the instructions in the video below.

Difficulty Level: Easy Peasy

Make your own mask (N95)

If you are handy with your hands and can do some stitching, why not try your hand at making some better masks?@suaysewshop has published instructions on how to make your own N95 masks.  

What is an N95 mask? They remove 95% of 0.3 micron particles. Translation: highly effective
Read more here from Honeywell  

Click here to download the instructions

Difficulty Level: Ask your mum / wife to help… / call your tailor


How to sterilise your masks for reuse

Taiwan Food and Drug Administration gives instructions on how to sterilise the masks for reuse. Use the money you save to load up on gold and silver!

How effective are face masks?