GMI Daily Update Report



My Precious Metals has carefully curated a selection of resources to tool you up on Covid19. One of these resources is the Daily Update report produced by Global Macro Investor (GMI). GMI provides economic and market analysis and trade recommendations to members. Members are typically high net worth individuals and family offices. 

GMI puts out a status update report on Covid19 every day. The report is typically about 15 pages long and charts the infection and death rates in various parts of the world. People use it to look for acceleration, deceleration in rates and to try and guess where “the peak” is. 
Here is the link to the daily report*.
  • The report is not posted on their web site, it is posted on the Founder’s linked in post page
  • You need to click on the link to his post page and download the report
  • We recommend you download it daily to keep a daily record