You are currently viewing High Debt + Deadly Virus = NATIONAL DISASTER

High Debt + Deadly Virus = NATIONAL DISASTER

Pop Quiz: Which countries are going to discover the answer to the following formula?

HIgh Debt + Deadly Virus = NATIONAL DISASTER

Why is debt important to gold? Because the financial system is built on debt but physical gold is held outside the financial system. When banks go bust, people lose money. But those holding gold will survive.

Here’s a list of government debt to GDP ratios:

2020 List of Top Countries with Debt to GDP greater than 100%
  • Did you know Gold protects your money?
  • Gold stored outside the banking system protects you against bank failure.
  • Gold is a protection against currency devaluation.
  • Gold is highly liquid and easy to sell if needed in emergencies.
  • Gold price goes up during times of crisis.

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