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How to get bullion when dealers show out of stock?

People are asking me how to get any bullion because all the bullion dealers show out of stock. Short answer is that you have to pre-order where possible and make advance payment. Alternatively, order for storage.

Long answer below:

Silver Bullion informs me that there are severe shortages at most major mints right now, eg. US Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Perth Mint and even Nadir (the lesser known Turkish mint).

Silver Bullion further informs me that the mints are increasing premiums drastically day by day and some of them have stopped taking pre-orders. For now the best you can do is order whatever stock is still available for pre-order. These items are still available at the Mint. For items which have no current stock and not available for pre-order, it means the mint has stopped taking orders.

Basically you have to pre-order and make payment according to payment policy (ie. You are making an advance order and paying before you receive delivery). banner announcement on shortages and service delays caused by Covid19

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