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Many ETFs are warning of getting broken

Are you using ETFs? Watch out – many are warning they may get broken. ETFs are rushing to add market disruption risk and Covid19 pandemic to their prospectuses.

If you are thinking to use ETFs to buy gold, you way want to think twice. I wonder how the current bullion shortage problem is going to affect them…

Here is an old FT article that discusses the risks of using ETFs. Extracts provided below for  your convenience.

Attached is a list of ETFs which have applied to SEC to change their prospectuses. There are 1,790 changes since 20 February. Below is a screenshot of the search results. Click on the screenshot to go to SEC and search yourself.

SEC prospectus changes list

List of companies which have added Covid19 and market risk to their prospectus at SEC from 20 Feb to 25 March 2020

Financial Times article on ETF risks

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