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Member Benefits: Bullion Discounts

Member benefits include buying gold and silver at discounted prices! 

  • Get discounts at acclaimed bullion dealers Silver Bullion Singapore and Silver Bullion Malaysia
  • You can either take physical delivery, ship to your location or store in vault in Singapore! 
  • Attractive to all investors, whether you are in USA, Europe, Oceania or ASEAN! 
  • As we add more members, we will add more bullion dealers! 
  • Depending on market conditions, you could save up to 1% !
  • Learn more about Silver Bullion and Silver Bullion Malaysia (Click here)

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Gold Handbook

Your guide to using gold for wealth protection! 

  • Learn how gold protects your wealth against inflation, currency devaluation, banking crisis and tail risk. 
  • Yours for free when you become a member! RRP US$25
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Spreadsheet Tools

The Spreadsheet Tool for precious metals investors! Designed by precious metal investors, for precious metal investors:

  • Did you ever want to compare prices and premiums quickly between bullion dealers and products? What about across geographies in different countries and currencies? Done.
  • Did you want to record and track your purchases, sales, and profits? As well as keep track of your inventory? By location? Done
  • Not convinced? Check out some screenshots… Uber cool! 
  • Yours for free when you become a member! RRP US$49
  • NB: technical support not included

Telegram Chat Group

Get market news and analysis and stay up to date. 

  • Talk to other like minded individuals!
  • Use our secure Telegram chat group! 
  • Currently no buying or selling permitted (for the safety of chat participants)!
  • Information provided on best effort basis only. We do our best!

Other Member Benefits - Coming Soon!

So much more we want to work on and roll out. We are working on it!
  • Members Area
  • Members Newsletter
  • Discounts on Future Products
  • Discounts on Future Events
  • Group Negotiated DIscounts (eg. on lifestyle products, healthcare, wealth management, professional services)

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