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My Precious Metals has carefully curated a selection of resources to tool you up on Precious Metals. Key to understanding why you need precious metals is understanding how world events impact world markets, and how world markets impact your money. You can’t live in a cave and stick your head in the sand.

Realvision aspires to be the Netflix of Finance. Actually it is like Bloomberg on steroids. Whilst Bloomberg is staffed by journalists, Realvision interviewers are seasoned hedge fund managers, macro investors and economists. If you want to cut below the surface and get to the truth of things, you need Realvision. For some it might seem too difficult to understand, but for others the way to earn above your pay grade is to learn from those above your pay grade.

Realvision has a premium product where the lead time for the news, analysis and opinion is shorter. However they also have a free product which is their channel on Youtube. It is good for newbies to start with the free channel and work their way up. You may not be able to afford go to Harvard or MIT, but you can afford to watch the free Realvision channel on Youtube.

Currently Real Vision is providing FREE daily briefings for up to date analysis on Corona virus.
Additionally here are some playlists to get you started.
Refinitiv – The Corona Correction
Refinitiv – Before and After
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