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Here are some suggested places where people can buy gold. We list them by country, sorry if we don’t cover your country. You will have to do your own research. One way for you to search for a dealer is to go to the mint such as the Perth Mint and look for an authorised dealer near to you. As we refine the web site we will improve on this list. However we provide it as a starting point.

Hong Kong

  • Lucius Precious Metals (LPM) 
  • ABC Bullion


  • Silver Bullion Singapore
  • & many others – Singapore is a precious metals hub for Asia


  • Hellogold
  • Silver Bullion Malaysia (subsidiary of Silver Bullion Singapore)
  • Nubex Malaysia
  • There are more you can do your own research


  • The Perth Mint (in Perth Only but they deliver nationwide)
  • ABC Bullion (Perth & Sydney)


  • Hellogold covers Malaysia and Thailand
  • ABC Bullion covers Hong Kong, Sydney and Perth


  • The Perth Mint. In addition to taking physical delivery for your bullion, you may be interested in the Perth Mint Depository services.  The Perth Mint has two Depository Services – The Perth Mint Depository Program (for people who want to use phone not internet to place orders), and The Perth Mint Depository Online (for people who want to cut cost and use Internet only). Note both require AUD or USD bank account in your name to deposit and withdraw funds. 
  • Similar to Hellogold. Based in Canada – covers the world
  • Founder Mike Maloney is an authority on gold. He has published many books and videos. He does many conferences

This is only a starting point. Do your own due diligence. As the web site develops we will add Dealer Reviews.


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  • It is your responsibility to verify and investigate dealers, services and promotions. 
  • Please consult your own professional financial advisor for all advice in connection with the services needed. 
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