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The USD is melting up. This might be it’s last stand

The rocketing US dollar is creating a currency crisis.

The USD is rocketing because so much of the world’s debt and trade is denominated in USD and this drives demand for US dollars. This is what makes it a reserve currency.

Founder of Global Macro Investor and Realvision, Raoul Pal believes “The very dollar system is at risk… and the way it is going to play out is via dollar strength, not weakness”.

But notice that Raoul is holding bitcoin also…. In case the USD fails (I am guessing)… We are witnessing history in the making.

Everybody should have a back up plan. What is yours?

Portfolio Manager Brent Johnson foresaw this series of events. He called it the “Dollar Milkshake” theory. See his interview with Realvision below on Youtube. His backup plan? Gold

The USD is melting up...

20 March 2020 chart showing USD melting up against all major currencies

Raoul Pal says the US Dollar system is at risk

Raoul Pal - The US dollar system at risk - playing out through strength - Page 1

Brent Johnson's Dollar Milkshake Theory

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