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US is going to airdrop US dollars

US is going to airdrop US dollars to every man, woman and child in America. This is the only way governments know how to solve the cashflow crisis which is going to come from all the lockdowns. 

In the near term this is good for gold as it will slow the sell off. People will not need to try so hard to raise funds. In the long run this is bullish for gold since printing money devalues the currency. No wonder there is a bullion shortage. Other governments are going to follow their example.

A few days ago regular CNBC contributor and Founder of NorthmanTrader, Sven Heinrich, suggested the airdrop in jest on Twitter to bail out people instead of banks. A similar idea was also mooted by one-time presidential candidate Andrew Yang. He called it Universal Basic Income. Seems Trump took up the suggestions.

If you notice any similarity in my choice of words with the crypto world, every pun is intended.

Washington Post reports airdrop

2020-03-17 Washington Post reports US to airdrop money to every household

Sven Heinrich suggests to bailout people

Andrew Yang's idea gets taken up

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