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Malaysia / Thailand

Want to buy Gold but can’t find a dealer with stock? What about Hellogold?

Want to buy gold but can’t find a dealer with stock? What about trying Hellogold?
Hellogold price per gram now is RM 222 vs other bullion dealers RM 278 (based on Heraeus 1g gold bar). So you even get to buy at a lower premium. See Note 1 and 2.

Hellogold also advises me that turnaround time for new applications can be as fast as 10 minutes and typically within the hour! Hellogold currently serves Malaysia and Thailand markets.

If you use the referral code below you will get RM 5 for minimum RM 50 purchase. You must purchase within 30 days of account approval. Full disclosure: We will also get RM 5. Proceeds go towards supporting the campaign to educate people on gold. 

Download the HelloGold app. Make a purchase of RM50 worth of gold and get RM5 rebate instantly! – Use this promo code [IANK04PZ] or click here to know more: 

Update on 19 March 2020: Hellogold has added a 6.19% premium as they are also hit by supply shortages. Notwithstanding, their price is still more attractive than buying physical yourself. Comparing for 1g of gold as above: the cost is RM 235 from Hellogold vs 278 from a typical dealer. A savings of RM 42 or 15%.

Disclosure Notes: 

(1) Hellogold aggregates your orders together with others and buys bigger bars (1 kg). This is why Hellogold can offer a lower premium per gram. Also it involves some counterparty risk as they hold it for you. However some people prefer to store with external service providers to reduce security risk.

(2) Readers are reminded to do their own due diligence and take responsibility for their own investments. Readers should consult their financial advisor. We assume no liability for any transactions.

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