Welcome to My Precious Metals! 

We launched this web site in response to a huge market need. Based on everyday conversation with people we found that there was a basic lack of understanding of gold:

  • People did not know the value of gold or what purposes it could serve other than decorative 
  • People did not know what kind of gold to buy or where to buy it 
  • People did not know how to store it or where to store it
  • People perceived gold as a commodity that was only for the “big boys” – big traders and the ultra rich

This perception was confirmed by a formal study undertaken by the World Gold Council. The results published in 2020 show:

  • 66% of people do not invest in gold because of lack of knowledge
  • 30% of people perceive gold as unaffordable
  • 28% of people don’t know enough about how to buy gold
  • “The results highlight a lack of awareness of gold retail investment products”
You can find out more in the link here 

Additionally we found many people had a particularly negative reaction towards gold – they perceived it as “just a lump of metal”. It provides no interest, no dividend and no shareholding and so it is perceived as useless. The reality is far different! Gold is central to wealth preservation and protection.


Our mission is to educate you and inform you so you can use it to protect your wealth.


PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT SELL PRECIOUS METALSWe do provide a list of suggested dealers. However unless otherwise noted we are not affiliated with them. Be wary of anyone who approaches you trying to impersonate us to sell precious metals to you. Unfortunately there are many unscrupulous people looking to separate you from your money. We will never sell you any bullion nor will we ever ask you for your bullion.